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  • Brand: Philips
  • Product Code: Philips SH91/50

Philips recommends this official Philips shaver head for Series S9000 and Series S9000 Prestige  models:

  • Series 9000 Prestige Models; SP9820/12, SP9840/31, SP9860/13, SP9860/16, SP9861/16, SP9862/14, SP9863/14, SP9871/22, SP9872/15, SP9872/22, SP9883/35 
  • Series 9000 Models; S9031/26, S9111/43, S9211/12, S9211/26, S9982/54, S9982/59, S9985/35, S9985/50, S9986/59, S9986/63, S9987/55, S9987/68, 
  • Series 9000 Limited Edition Models: MVL9998/78, SW9700/67
  • Series 9000 SensoTouch Models* (see upgrade information below): RQ1250/17, RQ1250/22, RQ1251/22, RQ1260/16, RQ1260/17, RQ1260/22, RQ1261/17, RQ1275/17, RQ1280/16, RQ1280/21, RQ1285/22, RQ1290/23

Philips, the manufacturer have discontinued the SH90 and SH98 heads (SH90/70, SH98/70, SH98/70), and have developed the SH91 replacement heads that are compatible with all Shavers Series 9000 (SH90) and with the Series 9000 Prestige (which previously had used SH98 replacement heads).

The Series 9000 SensoTouch Models* beginning RQ12- are compatible with the Philips SH91 heads, but this needs the existing head frame—that holds the heads—to be upgraded, please contact us as we are able to supply Philips manufactured parts to enable this.

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