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  • Brand: Braun
  • Product Code: Braun IPX4 Power Lead

Genuine Braun Replacement Power Lead (81741500) for Braun Shaver models;

Braun Series 1 Shavers: 180, 190, 190s-1, 1775

Braun Series 3 Shavers: 300s, 300TS, 301s, 301BT, 302s, 301s, 310s, 310TS, 310BT, 320r-4, 320s-4, 320s-5, 330s-4, 330s-5, 340, 340s-4, 340s-5, 345s-4, 345s-5,  350cc, 350cc-4, 350cc-5, 360s-4, 360s-5, 370, 370cc, 370cc-4, 380s-4, 390cc-4, 390cc-5, 3000BT, 3000s, 3010, 3010BT, 3020s, 3030, 3030s, 3040s, 3045, 3045s, 3050cc, 3070cc, 3080, 3080s, 3090cc, Cruzer5, Cruzer6, S3 (100 years)

Braun Series 5 & 6 Shavers: 5010, 5011, 5012, 5015, 5018, 5020, 5020s, 5030s, 5035, 5040s, 5044, 5049, 5050, 5050cc, 5070cc, 5090cc, 5140s, 5145s, 5147s, 5160s, 5190cc, 5195cc, 5197cc, 50-B1000s, 50-B1200s, 50-B1300s, 50-B1500s, 50-B1620s, 50-B1800s, 50-B4200cs, 50-B4650cs, 50-B7000cc, 50-B7000vs, 50-B7200cc, 50-M1000s, 50-M1200s, 50-M1300s, 50-M1800s, 50-M4000cs, 50-M4200cs, 50-M4300cs, 50-M4500cs, 50-M7200cs, 50-R1000s, 50-R1200s, 50-R1300s, 50-R1320s, 50-W1000s, 50-W1200s, 50-W1500s, 50-W1600s, 50-W1800s, 50-W4200cs, 50-W4650cs, 51-B1000s, 51-B1200s, 51-B1300s, 51-B1500s, 51-B1620s, 51-B1820s, 51-B4200cs, 51-B4650cs, 51-B7200cc, 51-M1000s, 51-M1200s, 51-M1850s, 51-M4300cs, 51-M4500cs, 51-R1000s, 51-R1200s, 51-R7200cc, 51-W1000s, 51-W1200s, 51-W1500s, 51-W1600s, 51-W4200cs, 51-W4650cs, 51-W7000cc, 6010, 6011, 6012, 6020, 6040,6045, 6072, 6075, 6090, 60-B1000s, 60-B1200s, 60-B1500s, 60-B4200cs, 60-B4500cs, 60-B7200cc, 60-B7500cc, 60-N1000s, 60-N1200s, 60-N4200cs, 60-N4320cs, 60-N4500cs, 60-N4820cs, 60-N7000cc, 60-R1000s, 60-R1200s, 60-R1320s, 61-B1000S, 61-B1200s, 61-B1500s, 61-B4200cs, 61-B4500cs, 61-B7200cc, 61-B7500cc, 61-N1000s, 61-N1200s, 61-N4200cs, 61-N4320cs, 61-N4500cs, 61-N4820cs, 61-N4862cs, 61-N7000cc, 61-N7200cc, 61-N7500cc, 61-N7650cc, 61-R1000s, 61-R1200s, 61-R4650cs, S5 (100 years)

Braun Series 7 Shavers: 740s-6, 740s-7, 790cc-6, 790cc-7, 797cc-7, 799cc-6, 799cc-7, 7011, 7012, 7018, 7020, 7027, 7071, 7075, 7081, 70-B1000s, 70-B1200s, 70-B4000cs, 70-B4200cs, 70-B-4320cs, 70-B4500cs, 70-N1000s, 70-N1200s,70-N4300cs, 70-N7200cc, 70-S1000s,70-S1200s, 70-S4200cs, 70-S7000cc, 70-S7011vs, 70-S7200cc, 70-S7201cc, 70-S7300cc, 70-S7320cc, 70-S7500cc, 70-S7865cc, 71-B1000s, 71-B1200s, 71-B4200cs, 71B7200cc, 71-B-7850cc, 71-N1000s, 71-N1200s, 71-N1500s, 71-N7200cc, 71-S1000s, 71-S1200s, 71-S4200cs, 71-S4862cs, 71-S7000cc, 71-S7200cc, 71-S7320cc, 71-S7320cc, 71-S7500cc, 71-S7501cc, 71-S7530cc, S7 (100 years), 7840s, 7842s, 7850cc, 7855s, 7865cc, 7867cc, 7880cc, 7893s, 7897cc, 7898cc, 7899cc

Braun Series 8 Shavers: 8325s, 8330s, 8340s, 8345s, 8350s, 8359s, 8360cc, 8365cc, 8370cc, 8371cc, 8380cc, 8385cc, 8390cc, 8391cc, 8410s, 8413s, 8417s, 8450cc, 8453cc, 8457cc, 8460cc, 8463cc, 8467cc. 8510s, 8513s, 8517s, 8560cc, 8563cc, 8567cc, 8577cc, 8617s, 8663cc, 8667cc

Braun Series 9 Shavers: 9030s, 9040s, 9050cc, 9070cc, 9075cc, 9080cc, 9090cc, 9093s, 9240s, 9242s, 9250cc, 9260s, 9280cc, 9290cc, 9291cc, 9292cc, 9293s, 9295cc, 9296cc, 9297cc, 9299s, 9299cc, 9310cc, 9320s, 9325s, 9330s, 9359s, 9340s, 9345s, 9350s, 9355s, 9360cc, 9365cc, 9370cc, 9375cc, 9376cc, 9380cc,9381cc, 9384cc, 9385cc, 9390cc, 9395cc, 9399cc, 9399s, 9410s, 9415s, 9417s, 9419s, 9420s, 9425s, 9426s, 9427s, 9430s, 9435s, 9436s, 9437s, 9450cc, 9455cc, 9457cc, 9460cc, 9465cc, 9466cc, 9467cc, 9469cc, 9470cc, 9475cc, 9476cc, 9477cc, 9480cc, 9485cc, 9486cc, 9487cc, 9510s, 9515s, 9516s, 9517s, 9519s, 9520s, 9525s, 9527s, 9530s, 9535s, 9537s, 9551cc, 9555cc, 9556cc, 9557s, 9560cc, 9563cc, 9565cc, 9566cc, 9567cc, 9568cc, 9570cc, 9575cc, 9576cc, 9577cc, 9580cc, 9585cc, 9586cc, 9587cc, 9590cc, 9597cc, 9617s, 9619s, 9627s, 9637s, 9677s, 9688s, MBS9

Braun Cruzer Shavers: 2778, 2838, 2878, MG5010, MG5050, MG5090, Old Spice, Z40, Z50, Z60

Braun CoolTec Shavers: CT2s, CT2cc, CT3cc, CT4s, CT4cc, CT5cc, CT6cc 

Also for Braun Product Types: 5408, 5409, 5411, 5412, 5413, 5414, 5415, 5416, 5676, 5696, 5697, 5729, 5730, 5734, 5748, 5749, 5762, 5764, 5768, 5769, 5774, 5775, 5790, 5791, 5793, 5795

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