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  • Brand: Braun
  • Product Code: Braun Series 9 94M
Braun recommends this official Braun shaver head for Series 9 (S9) and Series 9 Pro (S9 Pro) models: MBS9, 9030s, 9040s, 9050cc, 9070cc, 9075cc, 9080cc, 9093s, 9095cc, 9240s, 9242s, 9260s, 9280cc, 9290cc, 9291cc, 9292cc, 9293s, 9295cc, 9296cc, 9297cc, 9299s, 9299cc, 9310cc, 9320s, 9325s, 9330s, 9359s, 9340s, 9376cc, 9380cc, 9381cc, 9384cc, 9385cc, 9390cc, 9395cc, 9399cc, 9399s, 9410s, 9415s, 9417s, 9419s, 9420s, 9425s, 9426s, 9427s, 9450cc, 9455cc, 9457cc, 9460cc, 9465cc, 9466cc, 9467cc, 9469cc, 9470cc, 9475cc, 9476cc, 9477cc. 

And for Braun shaver types: 5790, 5791, 5793

The average Braun shaver cuts 6 million hairs every 18 months. This means the head will gradually wear out and your shave can become less close and comfortable. That's why Braun recommends changing your shaver's foil & cutter block every 18 months to get your shaver back to its best. Take care of your shaver, and it will take care of you.

  • Peak performance: to maintain your best shave, Braun recommend replacing the Series 9 Pro head every 18 months.
  • Efficient and gentle in every stroke. No matter if it’s 1, 3, or 7-day beard: championing Braun’s new unique new ProLift trimmer, the Series 9 Pro head captures more hair in the first strokes, for a exceptionally gentle shave.
  • For Series 9 Users: Upgrade your Series 9 with the new ProLift trimmer helping to capture and cut more hair thanks to its innovative geometry—30% wider opening and 35% thinner tips vs. Series 9.
  • Simple replacement: easily attach your new shaver head—just by clicking it on.
  • Quality craftsmanship: 100% made in Germany and compatible with Braun Series 9 Pro and Series 9 shavers.

Box Contents: 1 × Series 9 Pro Shaver Head Replacement

Braun recommends changing your shaver’s foil & cutter block every 18 months to maintain your shaver’s maximum performance. For a perfect shave every day.

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